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Pochettino admits Liverpool deserved the win.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino admits Liverpool performed better and deserved the victory. Chelsea lost to Liverpool for the first time in the last 8 matches. They met in every competition after being beaten 4-1 by the “Reds” in a big Premier League match on Wednesday. 

Manchester City ‘will take it’.

Manchester City ‘will take it’. There’s no doubt that Manchester City wants the trophy, Pep Guardiola wants it. and Blue Sailboat fans I want this cup too. One is the prize money that will go directly into your pocket. It was revealed that last year (Real Madrid received)

World Club 2023

World Club 2023. It has been confirmed by FIFA that the 2023 World Club, which will be held from 12-22 December, will be the World Club in the “original format” for the last time. This is the 20th tournament of the World Club. The original format,


Blueberry a tiny blue-purple fruit. The benefits are not even small at all. It is one of the fruits in the berry family. that whether eaten fresh. Or use it as an ingredient in any menu, it’s delicious. With a sweet and sour taste and unique juiciness. Especially during this period, the trend

Benefits of coconut water.

In addition to beauty and enhance sexual performance. Coconut water has many other benefits. But deliciousness also comes with caution.