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Blueberry a tiny blue-purple fruit. The benefits are not even small at all. It is one of the fruits in the berry family. that whether eaten fresh. Or use it as an ingredient in any menu, it’s delicious. With a sweet and sour taste and unique juiciness. Especially during this period, the trend of fit and firm is coming. Half of the girls in the city turn to eat fruit for health care and believe. That blueberry must be a favorite fruit of many people besides being delicious. The benefits also exceed each other.

  1. rich in antioxidants

Blueberries are a fruit that is very high in anti-oxidants. The most in the berry family at all. Regular consumption of this fruit helps fight free radicals. that will destroy the skin causing wrinkles It also helps remove old, deteriorated skin cells. Ready to reveal new, brighter skin than before UFABET

  1. Helps slow down cancer cells

regular consumption of blueberries It can inhibit the growth of cancer cells as well. Especially breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. From experiments with blueberry powder to mice with breast cancer. The experimental results came out that. The tumor volume was reduced by 40% ever.

  1. It helps to lose weight very well.

Because this fruit It has up to 3.6 grams of fiber and is low in calories. Eating fruits that are high in fiber This will make you feel full longer. It also helps the excretory system work better. Therefore, it is considered another very good option. For people who want to lose weight

  1. Helps nourish the brain

Another very important benefit is that blueberries can help nourish the nervous system make the brain work fully improve memory In addition. If taken continuously, it can also prevent memory loss in the elderly as well.