Arteta satisfied with Arsenal target Specify third goal

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Arteta satisfied with Arsenal target Specify the third goal, did not make the game to win at the end

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said after the 2-1 win over Leeds United in the Premier League gave Arsenal Still on the road to winning the Champions League full time. Reported from UFABET

Arsenal had two goals from Eddie Enkethia in the game. While Leeds scored from Diego Llorente midway through the second half. With Leeds down to ten players from the second half. Luke Eling, captain of the Leeds team A serious tackle on Gabriel Martinelli and the VAR referee decided to give him a red card.

Arsenal will play against Spurs in the next game and if they win that game they will immediately guarantee a place in the Champions League.

“If you look at our approach at the start of the game We play together with determination. and scored two goals Create a lot of opportunities including not allowing any opportunities around the penalty area After that, the red card changed the game. I think we have a lot of moments where we do very well. But we need a third goal. and have the opportunity to do it But in the end, an accident happened. And I think it was the first time we conce a goal from a corner. The game continues And all the nervousness in the game has dealt with.”

“We want to be prepare. And play in the next game like we always do. with the same enthusiasm as before But we know the game against Spurs can be a decision. So it gave me an extra boost of motivation. I can’t wait for the next game to come.”