Collymore insists Kevin De Bruyne must join Liverpool to win UCL

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Collymore insists Kevin De Bruyne must join Liverpool to win UCL

Stan Collymore, former striker Strongly reiterate that Kevin De Bruyne. Should decide to leave Manchester City to join Liverpool if he wants to lift the UEFA Champions League trophy. Give it once before hanging up your studs.

“Back in August 2020 I wrote in my column that Kevin De Bruyne. Should move to Liverpool, of course almost 100% of the comments people read were mocking and questioning. “Hey Collie, why did De Bruyne choose your old team?” the badboy legend told the UFABET.

“But something like this takes time to prove it. And now no one dares to laugh at me like that anymore. To repeat the same saying that De Bruyne should move to Liverpool! And I believe that if he really decides to do it, it’s not a big deal.”

“Perhaps the UCL semi-final elimination the other day might have sparked something for De Bruyne to think about leaving Manchester City. Because he was beginning to doubt that this team would help him achieve his ultimate goal. Placed or not?”

“As De Bruyne is one of the best footballers in the world. and is in the age of entering the peak So if he goes to play for teams that are continually contending for the UCL title. Such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

“You have to understand that to win the UCL, a team has to come with some charisma because although Liverpool can’t afford to pay as much as Man City, my old team has proven to be strong enough to win the UCL. or at least is reaching the final really continued”

“De Bruyne knows, like everyone else, that Man City are big and strong enough to win the UCL. But will it happen before he retires? At present it is quite clear that it is almost impossible for some reason.”

“At the same time, he has been a huge Reds fan since childhood. Growing up with a family that was the Kop, the whole house also had Michael Owen as his idol. If you really want to move to win the UCL, Liverpool need the quality of your footsteps as well.”