Lingard deserve farewell final game

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Former player reveals Lingard deserve farewell final game at Old Trafford

UFABET and ex- Manchester United player Gary Neville believes it was appropriate that Jesse Lingard was absent to bid farewell to supporters in the Premier League game . The last was at Old Trafford last week.

The Red Devils played their final home game of the season in their 3-0 win over Brentford on Monday. Where Ralph Rangnick not sent the 29-year-old. On the pitch his older brother Louie Scott is very upset as he believes his brother. Who is out of contract in June, deserves more respect from the club.

Neville believes the German coach did the right thing. Because in the past, legendary players such as Brian Robson and Steve Bruce did not play in their final game either.

“It doesn’t make sense to Lingard, listen, he’s been at this club for a long time. And it’s actually doing a good job. But I’ve also seen Brian Robson and Steve Bruce not play in their last gate and not play in the cup final.

“One of them could be called Manchester United’s greatest captain. The other one is one of the legendary players. Which they did not receive a farewell from the fans And I’m not sure if Lingard deserves this or not.”