5 Lottery formulas, Yi Guina, know, profit, definitely bloom, if used, easy to play, get real money

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5 Lottery formulas, Yi Guina, know, profit, definitely bloom, if used, easy to play, get real money

Although most of the lottery purchases Must rely mainly on luck in order to be reward. But to gamble in the Yi Ki lottery. There is a formula to play that is quite hopeful for quite some results. Because other types of lottery may have a long period of prize draw. Such as government lottery 2 times per month. Or to other types of noodles. The prizes that are drawn will be the most. 1-2 times a day only. Which is different from the Yi Ki lottery. Which one day there will be up to 88 prize draws. Therefore, this article will bring 5 Yi Ki lottery formulas that have proven to be practical for readers to learn. Playing the entrance is:  ทางเข้า UFABET

Formula number 19, door, top-bottom

This formula is consider a basic formula. To find a single number To place bets on the swipe of 19 goals, by the way, it is The player must bring the Yi Ki lottery. Results in the latest round by dividing 3 numbers and 2 numbers. Then bring the number. After the 3rd decimal point the only prominent number to play in the next round.

An example is Assuming that the previous lottery result came out as three numbers 964 and two numbers 67, then you divide those two numbers together, the result is 14.3880597, the number after the 3rd decimal point is the number 805. So the player Can bring all three numbers, 8-0-5, to bet on 19 goals

Formula number 19, top 3 doors

Popular Yi Kee Recipes Used for finding the top 3 numbers with a simple calculation method. Just let the player bring the top 3 numbers from the prize draw in the previous play period. be calculated by Keep adding up to get the result of a single number, then add 2 more places to it. You will now get the 3 numbers you want. 

An example is Assuming the results of the 3 top prize draws in the previous draw came out as 467, then the player would bring the three numbers separately and add them together as follows: 4+6+7=17 digits, then bring the resulting numbers. Do another addition as follows: 1+7=8 and when the result is obtained which here is the number 8, then count two more from the number 8, that is, 9 and 0, you can take the number 8-9-0 to bet on 19 goals, 3 numbers on it

Formula number 19, bottom 2 doors

It is a formula that has been awarded very often. There is a simple calculation method that is for the player to bring the top 3 numbers and the bottom 2 numbers of the results of the prize draw. in the previous period let’s divide and then the first number after the decimal point as the result of the number you want

An example is  Assuming the results of the 3 top and 2 bottom numbers in the previous draw, which are 467 and 89, then let the player divide the 2 numbers together. The result will be 5.24719101. After that, let you bring The resulting number after the first decimal point is the number 2. After that, take this number. You can bet with 19 goals in the bottom 2 numbers.

Formula for running numbers, bottom 2 digits

It is a formula that is used only for finding the bottom 2 running numbers, with a calculation method that is not difficult at all. which is how to the player Take the top 3 prize numbers that were awarded in the previous play period and calculate by bringing the ten digit to x2 and -2 again, the player will get a single number and bet on running 2. That’s the bottom one.

An example is  Suppose that the last three digits of the last three digits of the Yi Ki lottery is 547, bring the ten digits of the top three prizes, which is the number 4, multiply by 2, will get 4×2=8, then bring the result to subtract 2, it will come out as 8–2=6 when the final result is the number 6, then can take it to run downstairs, it will produce accurate results. Bring it to win in the next draw. Newbies don’t miss out.

Formula for the top 3 swipe numbers

This last form of numeration formula is the one. That is use to find the swipe number of the top 3 numbers only. This is another easy recipe. or complicate in any way The method of calculating this formula is For the player to bring the latest prize draw numbers by using 3 numbers, add them to the bottom 2 numbers and bring the results. Add the unit digits of the top 3 numbers and the result is for the player to cut the unit digits only. After that, count 3 more numbers to get the number you want.

For example:  If the results of the latest prize draw come out to be 975 and 75, let the player add the two numbers together as follows: 975+75=1050, after that, take this result. Bring the unit digits of the top 3 digits, that is, 5, and add them to the number 1050. That has releas before, you will get something like this: 1050+5=1055. Finally let the player Cut the number to just The main unit number here is the number 5. After which it is counte for another 3 digits. It will be 5-6-7. Players can bring these numbers to bet on 19 goals in the top 3 numbers.