Grealish on the intensity of Man City & Liverpool

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Grealish on the intensity of Man City & Liverpool’s title race in the last three games

Manchester City ‘s Jack Grealish has opened up about his final three Premier League title race with Liverpool. With the Blues leading by three points after 35 games.

“After Manchester City lost to Real Madrid. They were eliminate from the UEFA Champions League. Many have said that we would be so disappoint and distracted. That it could have a detrimental effect on the league game. But with our recent win against Newcastle it seems we are really fighting for success,” the £100million star told UFABET.

“I came to this team to win a lot of trophies, to lift the league trophy with my friends along the way. And currently really enjoying everything around me. This club is so good to me. whole group of players Both the coaching staff and Pep Guardiola.”

“Liverpool are still going strong and in the last three games they will win all of them, what Man City have to do is maintain their standards. Go ahead and grab all the remaining points in your hands, close the job!”

“The English Premier League is the best competition in the world today. Anything can happen even in the most desperate moments. So I don’t want to let my friends down, don’t be distract by the idea that we’re 100 per cent winning.