Klopp hits back at Pep after being mocked for winning

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Klopp hits back at Pep after being mock for winning the league only once in 30 years

Jurgen Klopp has respond to an interview with Pep Guardiola. Who referred to Liverpool only Premier League title win in 30 years yesterday, According to the UFABET.

The Manchester City boss gave an interview after their 5-0 thrashing of Newcastle that fans and media have backed the Reds because of its great history in European football. But not in a country where they have won just once in the last 30 years.

Asked by reporters at his pre-match press conference at Aston Villa, Klopp said at one point:

“I don’t know how Pep’s situation is. After he was eliminate in Champions League It was difficult to take. But of course Liverpool have made it through to the final.”

“Then you said ‘Well, they play against Villareal, here we play against Real Madrid’ and you keep saying what you want to say. Now he’s back to being the leader of the pack. And he’s right that we’ve won the Premier League only once.”

“I don’t know if the whole country is cheering for us, I don’t know. I didn’t feel that way when I was playing at another stadium. Of course, it’s the exact opposite. But it’s not certain that he (Pep) knows more than I know.”