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Blueberry a tiny blue-purple fruit. The benefits are not even small at all. It is one of the fruits in the berry family. that whether eaten fresh. Or use it as an ingredient in any menu, it’s delicious. With a sweet and sour taste and unique juiciness. Especially during this period, the trend

Benefits of coconut water.

In addition to beauty and enhance sexual performance. Coconut water has many other benefits. But deliciousness also comes with caution.

Alcohol beverages How does it affect blood pressure?

We all already know that. People with high blood pressure You will be advised not to drink alcohol. Because of that alcoholic beverage Can increase blood pressure levels By stimulating the heart to pump more blood. This causes increased pressure in the circulatory system. When drinking alcohol regularly It can cause blood pressure

Benefits of watermelon. 

A fruit known as a symbol of summer besides coconut. There should be a watermelon attached to the dart with him as well. Because watermelon is cold, sweet, juicy, whether eaten fresh. Or put it in a blender. It’s delicious, cool, refreshing, quenching thirst, and cooling down really well. But